About the SCPINM

In the present era, there is a rapid development in the field of advanced materials which will improve the performance of various advanced technologies. Mainstream researchers are developing such technologies in Material Science which can help to reduce the efforts of scientists solving various problems. In order to meet current requirement, this international conference is devoted on the development of advanced functional materials and simulation techniques, involving chemists, physicist and mathematicians.

A initiative has been taken by University Institute of Sciences, Chandigarh University to organize the International conference ICFMST-2019. This conference is an opportunity for researchers working in the field of advanced materials and simulation techniques to exchange recent research and application experiences. This platform will provide a better opportunity for researchers to make a bond with others and do collaboration with the same minded people for the development and betterment of society.

The aim of the conference is to unite prominent national and international researchers from universities, colleges, research organizations and enterprises on a solitary stage to share new learning and showcase their exploration in the developing areas of Functional Materials and Simulation Techniques for various applications. ICFMST-2019 is a debut event during this international conference series that is anticipated to be a milestone event considering the quantity of delegates from India and Abroad. In plenary and invited speakers, a number of prominent scientists, academicians and researchers from across the world will participate. Plenary lectures, invited talks and oral/poster sessions will be held during different sessions of this conference. The scope of this international Conference geared toward advances in material synthesis, characterization and ultrafast optics, Terahertz radiation and their theoretical analysis along with various applications in science and technology.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to participate in this conference. We look forward to welcoming you at Chandigarh University